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K - English - Romance - Chapters: Drunk in Love by alexherrera5 reviews Beca comes home drunk and Chloe takes care of her drunk little DJ.

Inconvenienced by Silver Supa reviews The age old story of falling for the popular girl who's too good for you is too cliche for her tastes. There is a downpour and they have to spend the night together. Hot lesbians having sex nude. I'm open for everything!

You don't get to do that. The Aftermath by ShatteredLyre reviews You're naked, your temples are pounding, and there's a head on the pillow next to you and you're pretty certain that there shouldn't be a head, decapitated or otherwise, on your pillow next to you this morning. Nani nicole naked. If she can manage to get more than three words out at a time. Just In All Stories: Adopting Enid by lazermonkey reviews "Ever since Enid had pointed a gun in my face I knew we were going to get along great.

Will Beca Mitchell be the more that they both need to bring them all together for a happy and lovingly united future? Now she has three weeks to live out her foreign fantasy romance and she's willing to do whatever it takes to get there. Or was it ever really a lie at all? That is, until she accidentally runs into gorgeous platinum blonde and her dog.

Read and Review How to Rock - Rated: Counseling by Scarterror The Fallen reviews A normal session at the school counselors office turns into more then either expected, but they aren't complaining.

Beca was an associate producer in L. We've Got Tonight by KeepingDaksAmari reviews I was about to stick my tongue out at him when I heard the sweetest voice in the history of all voices. Turkish Bikini Party Saturday, August 13th, Mine by Scarterror The Fallen reviews Now a three-shot! The Blessing by hollyhwrites reviews Beca isn't your usual girl, the women in her bloodline carry a special blessing granted to them long ago by a Fae woman after an ancestor saved her from a vile man.

If you are aware that so many people nowadays pretend to be someone they're not, copy this on your profile. Sexy cosplay big tits. Follow the course of her life, her relationship with Glinda, and the rest of the Charmed Circle through their final years at Shiz and beyond into young adulthood. Mirror, Mirror by yurianimeotaku reviews What if you were given a second chance to make a life-altering decision? She's finally found her mate, but her instincts are telling her to make Anna submit in ways less than consensual.

Scraps by purrpickle reviews Pezberry drabbles and short stories, all one-shots. Korra's always admired Asami. The Secret Life Of Punzie: A one person drinking game.

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G stand by her? Bexie Williams Has S What if it was for your own good? But what happens when a new admirer shows interest in Elphaba? Rated M for violence, language and hot man sex. Far Safer by need not reviews When Elphaba begins falling for Galinda, she must decide if her feelings for her roommate are worth dragging Galinda into the political nightmares of Oz… and what the consequences of falling in love in such a climate could mean for them both.

Better Than Brownies by flintwolf reviews Bechloe One-shot. Destiny porter milf. Suggest new pornstars x. Basically just how whipped Beca Mitchell is, and how she will do anything for Stacie. How will the story end for them?

Upon reaching Limbo, she meets the Gate master. She's left it too long and is past the point of simply talking to her.

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Turkish Bikini Party Saturday, August 13th, Plus, who doesn't love Bechloe babies? Jo inhaled slowly, closing her eyes and pressing her hands against her forehead, willing herself not to lash out like she desperately wanted to.

Wishes by Napgasm reviews When Kiba and Kankuro realize they have feelings for one another, what happens when they begin to show those feelings? This is the story of how two strangers fall in love - and all of the adventures that come with it. Rachel is home sick, Santana comes home and finds her worse for wear. She had been away from all the people she loved, for far too long.

Chloe always has a thing for Beca and she decides to tease her while she was consulting for a term paper. Nani nicole naked. Having you around doesn't bother me.

Three shot] Frozen - Rated: Hope the 11 months was worth the wait. Nude blue girl. Will Elsa and Anna even want to help Hans? Just a short little drabble that popped into my head. Playboy Mix Of Dirty Her insecurities and anxiety cause her difficulty.

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