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S, I think it'd become a pretty good map again. Blonde big tit granny. As expected it's for FaZe. Faze mia naked. Even though I finished after 15 seconds, I was so proud of myself.

Pasha triggerbotting through the wall. VP didn't they had a lot of time to prepareso my pick is VP and I don't write it as a Pole and vp's fan but as a logical thinking. We will not be intimidated by those just looking for attention themselves via social media or those of you supporting such ridiculous accusations claimed by these two individuals before even doing your homework of what really happened. Faze might still win this bo3,but they would have won online.

Janusz ' Snax ' Pogorzelski.

Faze mia naked

Both faze players dying outside in the first 30 seconds every round. It's funny how people say that when realistically the new faZe has changed IGL and now has k1o and allu as well so how can you say that when it's a completely different team then before? His scout is still fuggin' amazing too. Become a Fan on Facebook! Faze played a lots of matches before this.

Vp can actually win this now I was just saying that in the last 2 weeks FaZe is getting good results, and only SK probably not even NiP is doing better.

Even in their old teams. Karrigan changed it so they can now win against other teams but will start losing to VP. Sexy naked amputee. Still plays much better than Cache though, imo. Now its the final time for VP to show up and defend the title. But he started doing this. Wasn't it only some players, that wanted to kick him? Maybe the best aimers in the world. So FaZe would have more information about Astralis than Astralis would have on them.

Just keep dreaming Polaks. When new maps are added,VP always take it up and make it one of their top maps,when overpass was launched vp was good on it,vp was one of the best on season,good on cobble etc. They had great aimers. Don't bother with these fanboys, everyone who has a brain in this scene knows FaZe is on the up and will be top 3 in no time, they even have a chance to win this tournament.

Love you liss, so sorry this happened. That was when the squad sucked, Fox, Maikelele, rain, aizy, jkeam Have you seen them recently? This is to a lesser extent with dignitas because of some meaningless PowerLAN tournament, so if you take their last 6, yes there have been 2 bad finishes which like I said aren't good at all but at the 4 LANs before that they've not finished any less than 3rd-4th at any of them, which is again very consistent.

When i talk about top 1 or top 2 it's my personal short term ranking like on last 15 days. Kapri styles new tits. They are fucking horrible. If not for that bad decision they could have taken it to overtime and won it out there, because that game was incredibly close and wp by both teams.

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So your aim theory suck balls. Right now, all those teams are weaker than FaZe. Beautiful tits with cum. Faze mia naked. It doesn't work EVER, stop trying. If they dont show up now, when? Sorry for the short reply, i was lazy: There is a reason why VP is called best nuke team,are you even seeing the smoked VP is putting up and the angles they are taking?

Man FaZe really seem like a few levels below this match, not winning any gun rounds, not even making it close. And of course they need to be hit their shots. This map is alot newer than the old tho. Alissa Violet was left with quite a few bruises after reportedly getting into a bar fight in Ohio after the Thanksgiving holiday. FaZe actually won, congrats: Are you watching them since last week?

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Round over - Winner: And yesterday the same scheme: Just hope to see FaZe win something big. Lesbian cheating porn. I don't think teams have been creative enough on the map since they opened up the skybox between short and long.

Philip ' aizy ' Aistrup aizy. Why would Allu join a shit team like Mouz??? The map pool is in favour of FaZe and the order shouldn't affect pick-bans. Is it always based on the first name in the x vs x, or don't we know yet? They've had 2 bad tournaments recently but if you look at their other 5 tournaments they hadn't finished below 3rd-4th at any of them and managed to win EPL S4 which is a huge win and for that reason makes them better than FaZe.

They are trying to use their social media influence to not only destroy our business, but to encourage people to harm our employees physically and emotionally. I think they're favorites I thought that maybe he confused me with someone else. Love you liss, so sorry this happened???? FaZe will never win a single tournament I guess. I felt like they missed maybe their biggest shot in the next couple months vs NiP at Oakland but i still hoped they would remain a top team like at Oakland.

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There are 4 available outcomes and I think VP is unlikely. Hot asian lesbians having sex. Yeah you're salty, but cmon, answer my questions. But I see what you mean, you think either VP will be godlike or they will lose. Backroom milf full videos Their mappools are some what similar and both teams doesnt have "goto pick" where they can easily win that map. He wont, trust me. Faze mia naked. I was cheering for my favorite team, Virtus Pro. Online matches are not showing current VP shape.

I'm interested why Karrigan didn't pick Cache, but I suppose, he isn't confident calling on it??? False, FaZe has just been out aiming VP, it's simple, thier aiom hasn't changed because the have Karrigan. Alissa Violet was left with quite a few bruises after reportedly getting into a bar fight in Ohio after the Thanksgiving holiday. I was expecting a massive reply tbh, fair play. Imo train is 2nd worst map for vp.

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