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Snsd yuri lesbian

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I think she was straight before but not anymore.

Posted 13 June - And Seobb didn't look really upset with it. Adriana lima nude shoot. Who do you think is a lesbian in kpop? I wouldn't be surprised if one of them did admit, I mean being around with girls for most of your life, there has to be at least one time they felt that way towards each other. Snsd yuri lesbian. Girls Generation Taeyeon Baekhyun Kpop. Submit a new text post. Being a bi-woman is more "acceptable" in the queer korean community than being a lesbian? Want to join in on the discussion? And I get many lesbian vibes from Taeyeon as well.

Please do not disrespect any members. You've got to be kidding me.

Snsd yuri lesbian

Do not reproduce without permission. OMG I laughed so hard. Guest Jan 26 Posted 06 June - I think for a show, I honestly don't remember. Naked cruise video. Guest Aug 5 Now that I've seen him very often on shows, he's definitely not gay to me at all no matter what gayness he does.

They should be happy and live just the way they want to. Several functions may not work. However, many did not buy it, considering her previous relationship with EXO's Baekhyun. When Yuri grabbed Sooyoung's ass in another video, I'm pretty sure she wasn't expecting her to gladly accept and go down in bliss. I'm not quite sure what you mean with "where to begin" but Ii you want more forums there are loads more out there, but this one seems to be the sanest on average.

All the clues lead to that. The Yuri one is true imo, the Hyuna one I hope it isn't because she was a kid basically. She also likes Adam Lambert who is an openly gay singer: Seems same with Seobb.

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So an anon mentioned something about a recent rumor or whatever involving yuri but didn't go beyond that.

Right when they came back from the US they each filled out a survey thing New subscribers please read the side bar before posting. Seo could be anything usually but if her reaction was really odd and unexpected this time, don't you think Yuri would notice it before we do?

If they were the only ones who were able to find out about them, or at least were the only ones who had the balls to publish, then, as the Korean anon said, "it's hard not to believe in this. 8th grade girls naked. If she felt true coldness coming from maknae, I'm sure she'd stop. When Yuri grabbed Sooyoung's ass in another video, I'm pretty sure she wasn't expecting her to gladly accept and go down in bliss. Besides trying to read through lchat forums where do I even begin jumping into stanning my new favorite gay?

I can't quote that vid as I'm using my mobile but it should be pretty easy to find. Oh, its definitely just their image. Racists attempting to appropriate black art Please do not disrespect any members. Snsd yuri lesbian. So if the rumors are true it was a cute little under the rader reference.

This is different, it confirms what we suspected for years thus allowing new conversation. Destiny porter milf. I'd throw in jessica and yoona also, but there haven't been clear statements about them yet.

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In Case You Missed It. I have real doubs about GI girls, i hope some of them are leabians but i know this would be way too good to be true. If the rumors were true, then I doubt Yuri kept things up with HYS after her august meltdown some have wondered if maybe that was a factor? Tiffany wasn't there at that time due to her having a death in the family I heard Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

I firmly believe that the actresses rumor was true. The GD and Taeyeon one wouldn't surprise me, could have been a fling. I kind of believing GTAE for no reason. And she was fine with Yuri's contact before and after that.

These are just speculations but to me: Have fun catching up on all of the snsd variety knowing the hidden gay in sunny, yuri and taeyeon. Apr 25, Messages: Mar 6, Messages:

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Please do not disrespect any members. Seohyun is really clingy with her unnies though. Charlee chase milf and cookies. It's easy to sign up! You can't accurately judge someone's sexuality based on their appearance all the time. Naked young tween She loves everyone and loves to use her aegyo, though she seems very comfortable with girls especially.

Are you on a bus or something? So well then tell us what it means about hitting on women in Korea? Sunny and Taeyeon are totally secret girlfriends.

One of the korean comments, and a guest user here also pointed it out, that SportsSeoul usually has news that turns out to be true; one example would be the incredible news of Seo Taiji's and Lee Jin Ah's relationship. Snsd yuri lesbian. I'd like to get to know them better" with a cheeky "kekeke" at the end. Aug 4 Wait, I'm losing track. It's irrelevant and unimportant.

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